Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where have i been?

It's been a while. Where have i been?

I'm still around. Art classes are keeping me busier and though it doesn't take up many hours of the week, i have been finding it difficult. As in, feeling lethargic and just so tired. So i went to the doc.

He advised me to take supplementary vitamins, B1 and B6. OK, yes i'm guilty. I haven't been eating properly regularly. I came home, and searched through Wikipedia. Symptoms of deficiency in B1 and B6: -emotional disturbances, fatigue, lethargy, poor concentration etc. Yup, sounds like me....

So i really need to take care of myself a lot better. =(

I'm still crafting and have come up with some new ideas. Excited about it, can't wait to show them in Scribble Shop.

I promise to show some of my art next time..have learnt lots and am very glad i signed up for the classes. Oh, and next week a male model will be posing nude...! I wasn't totally keen on the idea and am still tossing up between going or not. It costs $10 extra per session with the model as well, so it's also a cost factor. I'm on a really tight budget at the moment. Art supplies can be pretty dear.

Toodle - oo, eat well, sleep well, craft well...

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