Saturday, May 30, 2009

Latest Stuff

My latest listing are these gift/hang tags:

Not quite sure where i got this sailboat idea from. Most probably from the wind direction bits in these maps i collected. I had also wanted to use up this massive pile of used envelopes i'd stashed for months. I'm glad i finally found a good use for them. They look so much nicer in person. They look rather faded in the photos but in real life, the subtle colours gives off a very pleasant calming nature.

I'm in a real pit at the moment, creatively. Thinking of starting over in Etsy and heading in a new direction. I've been doing more research into business side of things as well as recycled paper supplies. The latter has proven to be the most difficult part of all. I can't bring myself to lower my standards and just purchase any recycled paper eg lower post-consumer waste, overseas origin, plantation fibre, only green in the energy department etc.

Particularly, recycled acid-free cardstock. Apparently, they exist. Thus far, i've found some from the US but they don't ship internationally and even if they do, way too expensive. I'm a little suspicious of a local supply and they sell only in these humougous sheets (think bigger than A0) and most probably to registered businesses only.

Sigh. Huge dilemma. Do i give in to the masses and just choose a less recycled content paper, or do i struggle on in my beliefs and compete with the other more successful sellers who use them?

I want things to work......


  1. I think: do whatever makes you sleep okay at night. It sounds like you're not okay with lowering your standards, so don't or I think it'll plague you.

    Good luck with finding a supplier that works for you.

  2. Thanks Hayley. I'll have to sleep on it. Ahaha..