Friday, May 1, 2009

What do we have here?

Just got home and found out that Georgeanna aka the Sewmeister returned the favour and has mentioned me and my shop in her blog. Hehe....

There's a lesson to be learnt here, folks. It's called Good Karma. =P

It's mid-afternoon now and i haven't made anything thus far. I went out to get some art supplies for my classes starting next week (...specialty art shop recommended by the school.......expensive - found out later that things are cheaper at the shopping centre art and crafts shop - grrrrrrr) and then visited my favourite shopping centre (first time in more than a month); patted some cute puppies in the pet stores, went to the supermarket, and then took 20 minutes to find my car. =/

Yes, i drive. No, it's not a Prius, unfortunately. =( But you can offer to buy me one and i'll take you up. =P

And also, am going to be featured in another Etsian's blog, later on in the month.m So stay tuned!


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