Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's freezing. 12 degrees in the mid-morning yesterday and feels just as chilly today. Are you kidding me???

Fortunately, i was home all day (today too) and wore my new cashmere-feel acrylic pink jumper. Well, the tag said it's a cashmere feel. I don't care much for acrylic usually but this feels very very comfortable. I suppose this is what cashmere feels like??
And i have a new-ish pair of arm warmers from gertuine:

Super warm arm warmers

Highly recommended. She makes lovely fabric cuffs too, all salvaged materials. Yay for eco-friendly! She is a lovely seller and my package (she's in Korea) arrived in 2 working days! A salute to Korea and Australia Post may be in order.

She makes some bags too but i'm really in love with her affordable fabric cuffs. My favourite is this one:

Currently coveting

Check out her shop!

Gertuine aka the Sewmeister at

Recycled/Upcycled/Invented Practical Fashion, Accessories and Tools for Life


  1. They're fantastic arm warmers and you've just reminded me that I must get some for myself - thanks ;)

  2. They are gorgeous! I have some half knotted-better get them finished cos it's getting cold :)