Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This and That

Over the weekend, i had a lovely breakfast:

Steaming cuppa Milo and a piece of brioche loaf
I baked some choc chip cookies:

..and i made myself a visual arts/inspiration/idea journal.

It's made from old envelopes and paper i dumpster-dived out of one of a certain university's library's paper recycling bin. I've since decorated the front cover with some watercolour pencil painting....if you guys are nice, i'll show you next time. It's pretty.....strange. But no matter. I'm going to improve my painting skills!
That's right! I am tackling my love-hate affair with the paintbrush in a few weeks! I've enrolled in a few art courses namely:
1) watercolour painting
2) drawing and painting
3) soft pastels portrait
I can't wait to start in May and get ready my art supplies. =)

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