Saturday, April 18, 2009

I thought Summer ended 2 months ago?

Gee, it's been 10 days since i last wrote. Apologies. While i've been able to list 2 new items in my shop 2 days in a row, my blog's been sadly neglected. But here i am now! =)

Yes, it's been very sunny this past week, here in Sydney Australia. So blindingly sunny that i did 2 laundry loads in a day and they both dried in one afternoon. Summer decided to make one last blast at us. Actually, this autumn hasn't been very cool at all. GLobal warming perhaps?

How was your Easter? Mine was quiet, nothing special. I have however, been catching up on a lot of reading. You can always count on your favourite books to perk things up, after a lapse of period of them sitting on the shelf. Appropriately enough over Easter, i was reading The Big Over Easy (poor Humpty), and then its sequel. Check them out. I can't wait for Jasper Fforde to drop by Down Under again. =)

New items up in my shop ----------------> Check them out~ another map notebook and a set of 4 mini notebooks. I still feel weird when i do a search on Etsy and see the things i made come up. Teeheehee....

Another exciting matter! At my op-shop (thrift store) job, i discovered 2 genuine LV bags (amongst other designer bags) during sorting, i priced them and then sold them that very day! Heeheehee.....i practically shoved them in front of a few customers. It didn't take much persuading.

And remember my art courses? Still can't wait to start. But i gotta get organised. I will be much busier with 3 classes a week, so must summon all my time management skills. Anyway, what i really want to say is that i don't have to worry about the funds for the materials at least. Aside from getting 10% off the art shop near the art school (as a student), i got a tax bonus courtesy of the Aussie PM. Yes, the stimulus package, designed to encourage Australians to spend spend spend to rev up the economy once more. Thank you Kevin Rudd. I shall spend it wisely. =D

That's all folks! Talk to you soon.

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