Wednesday, August 4, 2010


EDITED Saturday 7th Aug. 

This is a boring post, for my own hmm...discipline and reference?

Things that NEED to be done:-

  1. Finish up inventory for shop re-launch.
  2. Get printmaking supplies for next class before Tuesday. (got some oil pastels for sketching too, yippee! Can't wait to try them out).
  3. Finish off printmaking homework.
  4. Read sub-lease agreement (new studio, hopefully!)
  5. Babysit on Friday. (cancelled)
  6. Call a friend.
  7. Laundry x 3948938475 loads.
  8. Documents for Mum.
Things that i WANT to do:-

  1. Go to Borders to look up some art books. 
  2.  Purchase a birthday present.
  3. Look up something in shops for Mum.
  4. Dog-related art for RSPCA exhibition by Tuesday.
I think that's it.

Oh boy....

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