Thursday, July 22, 2010

Re-launch Plans

I think an overhaul is due for Scribble Shop. I've been making some new cards and tags behind the scenes and am quite pleased with the results. No sneak peeks this time. There are about 20 items in this new inventory (have yet to decide if i will keep some of the old a.k.a. currently listed items - depends if they fit into the overall look and feel) and i'm looking forward to adding more as the *ahem* official re-launch date of:-

10th August 2010


Which means i have less than 3 weeks left to:-

a) make about 30 more items (my aim is to have 50)
b) photograph all of them (with new props and settings)
c) write descriptions
d) read up on marketing and how it can apply to Scribble Shop
e) and anything else that may crop up.

A little ambitious? Maybe. Perhaps. I don't know. Can you repeat the question? LOL...

Yosh! Let's do it!

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