Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess Who?

My last blog post was 30th August. It's been no news for a month, and i had officially closed my shop for about 2 weeks from late September. But now i'm back!

A day after my last post, my nephew arrived. Yup, i was wrong. But who cares? It's a BOY! Meet Edric:

3.04 kg, 49 cm

Aww..isn't he a cutie? Of course, as his aunt, i'm biased. Edric's birth resulted in a lot of traffic between 2 households, entertaining family, baby-related errands and duties, and sleeping adjustments. Thankfully, the sleeping thing does not really affect me. =p

Oh, and there were 2 birthdays and one 1-month-old celebrations somewhere in there too. I've been busy! We've been busy!

Happily so! =D

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