Sunday, August 30, 2009

Super Sunday!

It's Super Sunday today. Got home after badminton session and found myself in this Storque article (the Storque is Etsy's Blog name) about bookmaking, quite by accident. Another check with Craftcult later led me to realise, not only was the article responsible for the GINORMOUS increase in Scribble Shop's incoming traffic, but also i was on the Front Page again! For a little while anyway.

1 Storque article + 1 Front Page features ----> 30 new item "hearts" & 17 new shop "hearts".

Front Page List

A little more reflection and then it dawned on me. I made a comment in the forums about Etsy's new shipping tool option (offering a suggestion and inadvertently making my presence known) and the forum's poster Etsy Admin member JulieinCharge took notice. She was the one who wrote that Storque article.

He He He....Mighty happy. =)

Road Map Envelopes

Things have been quite slow in progress in terms of Scribble Shop additions. August has been a busy month, especially with my new art course. We're given homework and though it doesn't seem like much, it certainly takes up my time.

I feel i should be focusing on my art education and so, i've been trying to do some self-study as well. At the moment, i'm reading 2 useful books on watercolour painting, and pattern design. My plans for the immediate future are:

  1. More frequent art sessions - e.g. a painting a day, quick sketches, plein air studies in the Park

  2. Organising my crafting areas - find suitable vertical storage, orderliness, separate creating & mailing spots,

  3. Better housekeeping (uh-huh)

Also, my niece is coming in about a week. As in, coming into the world. Yes, i think it's a girl. We don't know, only the doc does. My Mum will be visiting and staying for 2 months to help with the baby. And a dear friend of mine is getting married.

Looks like September will be a very interesting month. =)

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