Monday, March 16, 2009

Sneak Peek

I've been taking photographs and playing around with editing and lighting. Does this look too blur and washed out? It hasn't been edited by the way.

I've also been looking at packaging. I didn't want these art/note cards to bend. Some research later, i thought it was best to do the stiff cardboard sandwich method. I was thinking of how to make them when i remembered that Australia Post seems to have something like that in their product range. True enough, the Computer Disk and Photo Mailer seems like it'll do the job nicely. All i gotta do is wrap these cards in cello wrap to make them waterproof. And maybe add a ribbon. And a thank you card. And a business card.

Preparations, preparations...fortunately, Etsy has heaps of helpful information. The Seller's Handbook is very handy. I was overwhelmed when i first saw it. Everything from your shop's appearance to tips on describing your creations, to photography. Initially i was trying to follow all the tips. But now i've realised that is just not possible. I should just start listing a few items and then improve as i go on. Otherwise, my shop will never open LOL. Less perfectionism, so to say.


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