Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well.. looks like Scribble Shop will be ending 2009 with 39 sales, unless something comes through in the last few hours. It's been quite a learning curve, frustrating at times but worth it. =) I'm glad i started Scribble Shop.

I've learnt a lot about photography, editing images, shop exposure, marketing/promoting, materials, techniques of working with paper and what-not, sources and suppliers, going thorough uninspired periods, going through busier periods...

A big BIG thanks to friends and family for the moral support, suggestions & advice, and all your RECYCLING LEFTOVERS aka Papers and Magazines, Junk Mail, etc. =D And my flatmate aka Brother, who put up with a messy dining table for the better part of the year. And coffee table, in the 2nd half of 2009. Sorry and Thanks Joe! Will try to be more organised and tidy for 2010.

So, what's in store (pun unintended) for 2010? A new art store. That is the plan anyway. I hope it will work out well. We shall see...

Bring it on! And oh yeah, Happy New Year, folks.

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