Monday, August 3, 2009


Last week finished off with a very good Sunday, for me.

An old friend from way back was in town and i had the chance of showing him and a colleague about Sydney for a day. We did all the usual harbour sightseeing things (though it was enough for them to see the Opera House and Bridge from a near distance), took the ferry to Manly (on the way we glimpsed a pod of dolphins! I've never seen them in the harbour before), had lunch in Darling Harbour (all paid for by their employers hehehe), shopped at Paddys Markets, then back to Darling Harbour for...wait for it....a deluxe seafood platter at a good restaurant. Mmmm....the prawns and oysters were to-die-for. =p Pity about the lobster. Oh well.....and it was good to catch up with Alvin too. =)

Got home exhausted but happy. Checked my shop statistics and saw a very sudden jump in views and popularity of some products. Did further checking and yup, i made it to the front page of Etsy yet again. I hope the good news never ends. =)

This Treasury (collection of featured creations) was compiled by Etsy staff themselves. How cool is that! Looking at it now, it seems to be an all Aussie-affair! Yay!

Now, i've gotta go rest a bit. All the excitement of the weekend is still casting its effects on me poor body. I'll be back soon...

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