Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tipping the Scales

What was it that *Bridget Jones said?

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces."

It's been quite a month or so in Scribble Land. Even though i haven't been creating as much as i would like to (due to 2 bouts of the flu/cold), the shop's been getting quite a lot of exposure and coverage. 2 Gift Guide features and 2 blog mentions later (will post soon), i am still surprised at how things have come along.

That, of course, is the part of my life that's "going okay". "Spectacularly to pieces"?

Let's just say some upsetting family matters is making us all....well, upset. That and coupled with having my own troubles and having to keep it to oneself made for an unhappy Carolyn for many weeks. Not to mention a carpet accident involving black acrylic paint and beige carpet 2 days ago (UGH).

Thankfully, today, it does look like the clouds are starting to part and the sun is coming out. Come now, repeat to self...(it's just carpet, it's just carpet, it will grow back...oh wait, no, that's hair. It's just carpet....).

In other news, i've finished my art classes in Bondi! It was just for the one term but i'm going on to another art school further away in the north from August onwards. I must say, the classes were very well worth it. Wanna see some of my paintings?

Acrylic on Canvas Panel
(based on a photograph i took near Wollongong a few years ago)

I did this landscape painting in class, over 5 sessions. It was refreshing to return to it week after week with new eyes. New eyes means looking at a painting in new ways. You could paint in stages over a period of time or look at a painting's reflection in a mirror. Sometimes when you're fixated on something for too long, it's best to move away and come back to it again after a while.

I took the photo during a lunch break on the way back to Sydney. My coursemates and i were on a field trip to the south. There was an ugly dustbin right beside the bench, which i've omitted in the painting. Artistic licence. But other than that, it's very similar to the actual scene. It's true! My teacher agreed with me. =) (Well, of course he did...he helped you know..hehe..)

Watercolour on Paper
(Friends of mine - based on a photograph)

Remember how i was saying i wasn't any good at watercolours in school and in the beginning of this course i took? Well, surprise surprise. During the last 2 lessons, my teacher went "Oh...Carolyn...that looks rather lovely....". What can i say. Sometimes i'm a quick learner and sometimes i'm a late bloomer. Being more relaxed figures into it somewhere as well.

So i felt confident enough to try to paint a portrait of friends of mine. I met Catherine and Vincent through badminton club. She was/is my coach. Nice, friendly folk. I've learnt a lot from both of them.

They liked it! And now, i have to paint portraits of my family. It will not do to paint others other than your family members, first. Right? I don't want to be ignored at the next family dinner...or worse yet, get served blue soup. =p

Will write more soon. Tata for now....

*Bridget Jones - new-age heroine who makes blue soup

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