Friday, July 3, 2009


Yay - a pair of those Mini Sailboat Notebooks were sold and shipped earlier today (pun not intended this time!).

On the way to the post office, i saw this sign in a boutique window: "Turtles for Sale - with tank, UV light, water filter". I'm guessing they must be Aussie freshwater turtles. Any other kind would be illegal. Those close to me know that turtles, terrapins, and tortoises are my favourite animals. When i was younger, Ihad a pet terrapin whom i absolutely adored (....RIP Shelly-Back....). I was a bit mad about it then. Took Shelly-Back for walks in the garden ("exercise"), cleaned his shell with a toothbrush ("polishing") and even took it for unauthorised swims in my dad's large fish tank where he sometimes managed to catch a few guppies (if not, i caught some for him anyway - Sorry Dad!).

Anyway, the sign reminded me of my love for the shelled-ones. Here's some turtle love from Etsy:

Fine Art Photograph by PamlicoBee

Ninja Turtle Hat Crochet Pattern by beachbunny

Sea Turtle Original Art by Rushing aka biggirl4664

Turtle Round Ceramic Dish by SayYourPiece

ACEO by littlemonkeys

The last is my favourite. =D

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