Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Love Op-Shopping...'s so much fun. Especially since my favourite op-shop changed management/something and there's now twice as much stuff in store. I thought it was just an influx of pre-Christmas donations but here we are at the end of March and there is still abundant stock.

The first books i bought for re-purposing were a set of some 20 vintage paperback volumes of German lexicon. I was captured by the foreign text and colourful map pictures in them. And the fact that the store manager offered me to take the whole set for $5 after he spied me thumbing through the volumes. Sold.

I regret that decision.....i think. I still have them. There's too many to use up. So far I've used up maybe a whole volume. 19 left to go. Maybe i can sell them as scrapbooking/collage supplies. Anyone want them?

Anyway, my more recent book purchases have been better choices:

Japanese Children's Picture Books

Sticker Book. Hardcover abridged version of Treasure Island

Illustrations in the Treasure Island book
I've been drawn to children's books recently because they have more pictures. And maybe because I'm going to be an aunt for the first time later in the year. =D I did have a sudden pang of conscience while i was picking these up. It seems like sacrilege to defile any book. I'm trying to choose really battered ones not likely to be picked up/reused by anyone else. Like the Japanese children's books. It's less likely to be used by anyone else.
Some vintage books from Reverse Garbage
(their own proper website hasn't been working a while - basically a junk warehouse)
and op-shops

Excerpts from the Aussie and Kiwi sayings book

I'm planning to give away this sayings book. I think i know someone who will love it. =) Might make a copy for myself first hehe.

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